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New York
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New York

Marabou Feathered Shimmer Brush

Let your driver get the door as you step onto the red carpet into the flashing lights of Times Square with Glitterati in “New York” chrome. Wearing this polished and reflective silver shade, tonight, you’ll be the only one shining brighter than the lights on Broadway in the city that never sleeps.


The one of a kind Glitterati, is today’s must have accessory to create a star-studded look. Ultra-fine cosmetic grade shimmer is dispensed through the brush head creating a dazzling effect over body, clothing and hair. Glitterati washes off skin with water and disappears without a trace from fabrics when laundered. Elevate bed and bath linens, floral arrangements, cards, wreaths, holiday décor and much more with a simple wave of the Glitterati brush. Instantly… everything will sparkle like the stars.