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Body and Clothing Shimmer | 2 OZ

A twinkling shade of star bright silver.


Glitz is truly an out of this world experience. To create a galaxy of stars effect, simply shake the bottle, watch it sparkle and swirl, then spritz and Glitz any area that needs an extra touch of glamour. Glitz is non-greasy and delicately infused with a white floral fragrance which quickly evaporates and evenly distributes ultra-subtle cosmetic grade shimmer. Glitz easily washes off skin with water and disappears without a trace from fabrics when laundered. Glitz has a color for every mood and occasion and can also be spritzed on hair, bed and bath linens, floral arrangements, cards, wreaths, holiday décor and much more. Treat yourself to Glitz, and instantly, you’ll sparkle like the stars.