With 20 years’ experience in the fragrance development and design business, Soular Therapy will customize an evocative scent embodying your property’s style, brand identity and marketing message. We appropriately call this an Olfactory Logo, a signature scent your customers will ultimately associate with your brand.



Initially, we garner important information about guest demographic, brand messaging and the specific mood desired.  We evaluate the aesthetic and personality of the property, inclusive of the structural and interior design materials, textures, colors, lighting, vibe, location, topography and surrounding native vegetation.



Each of the inspirational property elements are ascribed unique fragrance notes, that in combination, develop into a conceptual narrative, bringing to life the essence and brand characteristics of the property.



Our perfumers and aromacologist interpret every element of this story to create a unique fragrance experience intrinsic to the space, where the scent will appear to naturally and discretely emanate from it's environment. This tailored scent will not only elevate the perceived quality of services, but more importantly, elicit guest’s emotions, enhance their memories and create long term brand loyalty.


Exclusive Scent

Once an exclusive scent is born, it will be translated into various ambient fragrance applications inclusive of room and linen sprays, diffusers and candles. These products can also be recreated as VIP amenities or as an additional revenue source in the form of online and gift shop offerings for guests to recreate their memorable hotel experience in their own home.