Heavenly Home Gemini

Heavenly Home Gemini

Soy Based Candle | 65 Hour Burn

Birth Dates: May 22 - June 22

Essential Oils: Linden (Tilia Europaea) & Verbena (Lippia Citirodora)

A botanical Geminian compound of yellow citrus and herbaceous floral notes especially blended especially to enhance your  endearing charisma and thought-provoking nature.

Chronology: The communicative 3rd sign of the Zodiac.

Affirmation:  "I communicate" - The messenger of the zodiac, you are an entertaining and articulate communicator with an amusing quality to which others naturally respond.

Symbol: The Roman Numeral II - Hinting at your natural duality, the Geminian symbol represents the contrasting facets of your demeanor making yours a versatile personality.

Ruling Body: Mercury - The Roman Messenger God embodies the Gemini, speedily carrying you from one gathering to another all the while ensuring an instant rapport and adaptability in any surrounding.

Element: Air - Your cognitive demeanor and channels of communication help you breeze through with ease that which might be troublesome for others.

Color: Yellow - Accentuate your body and space with this bright and vibrant shade to enhance your golden optimism and sunny outlook on life.


There is a candle burning methodology, we encourage you to follow, ensuring you receive maximum enjoyment from your

Soular Therapy candle every time it is illuminated.


Burning: This is very important. Each time you light your candle you should not extinguish it until the top completely

liquefies and forms a pool of wax from edge to edge of the glass. This process will take approximately 60-90 minutes

depending on the glass size and will ensure the candle burns evenly and straight down the glass without wasted wax

buildup. The longer you burn your candle, the deeper the melt pool becomes, thus increasing the amount of fragrance

released. Once you extinguish your candle, the liquefied wax will continue to release fragrance while saving you burn time.

You will notice with each subsequent lighting, it will take less time to form the edge to edge pool of wax as the glass walls

heat up more rapidly.


Tunneling: When a candle is prevented from completely liquefying from edge to edge each time it is lit, a ring of wax will

begin to build up. This is called a memory ring. With each subsequent burning, the candle will only melt across as far as it

did the previous time. When wax builds up on the sides of the glass, it prevents oxygen from producing a flame large

enough to melt the surrounding wax. Reduced oxygen creates a small flame that tunnels down the center of the candle

eventually snuffing itself out. A wax ring can also be created when a candle is moved and wax sloshes against the side.

Build up can be removed by spooning out excess wax until the wax is level, like when new. This should only be done when

the candle is unlit and the wax is cold and solid. Do not put the excess wax back inside the candle.


Wick Trimming: Our candles are made with lead-free, cotton wicks specifically designed for soy wax blends. By nature,

these wicks break easily and should be carefully trimmed with a small pair of scissors or wick trimmer. The wick should be

approximately 1/4" in height and usually needs to be trimmed before each lighting. DO NOT trim the wick before the first

lighting as it is cut at a pre-measured length. The length of the wick determines the size of the flame when the candle is lit.

The longer the wick the larger the flame. On occasion when a candle burns for more than 3-4 hours, a cap of ash may

form. This indicates the wick is ready to be trimmed. Other indicators are when the flame is 3/4" or larger and burns

erratically, when a candle begins to smoke or soot begins to form on the glass. Wick trimming should be done when the

candle wax is room temperature and solid. Do not allow the wick trimmings to collect in the glass. A trimmed wick and

correct flame size will maximize the burn time of your candle.