Hotel Room Scent

Fifteen years ago, Starwood Properties commissioned Soular Therapy to develop an exclusive branded fragrance for their trend setting W Hotel embodying a fresh, chic and inviting environment guests would notice the moment they stepped into a property. Our first "Olfactory Logo", the Signature CITRON No 5, was conceived and is now scenting W properties worldwide from Hong Kong to Dubai.

Since then, we have created numerous branded hotel scents exemplifying the unique style and identity of elite properties inclusive of Conde de Nast Traveler's "top ten US" Hotel Emma, the Valencia Group, Moinian Group - Manhattan, Lynd World, Hotel ZaZa, The Standard, US Grant, Fisher Island Club, Doubletree, Radisson and Homewood Suites.

Home Cologne

Home fragrance was completely redefined with the introduction of HOME COLOGNE Eau de Toilette. This luxury spray is similar to the fragrance our hotels use around the world to freshen and enliven their spaces. Choose from a variety of premium scents that will instantly transform any room, vehicle, closet or office with a fragrance formulation that is also safe to mist over cotton fabric and skin.

Astrological Aromatherapy

Our original product line of soy-based candles and skin scents incorporates the ancient wisdom of Astrology with Aromatherapy, to create a collection of fragrances beneficial to the twelve astrological signs governing our solar system. Every scent is specifically formulated with pure plant and flower extracts to balance and enhance the characteristics unique to each sign. Celebrate your individuality and awaken your senses with the personal fragrance you were born to experience.


From Hollywood hipsters to New York fashionistas, trend setters everywhere have fallen in love with Flare, the soy-based candle collection created especially for those with discerning taste, distinctive style and to who scent is essential. A work of art visually and aromatically, every aroma has been thoughtfully designed and inspired by our day to day fragrance encounters for your sheer indulgence.


This fragrance journey was developed to not only honor our blessings in life, but to remind us to bestow upon others the principles of Charity, Devotion, Grace, Faith, Reverence and Glory. A tapestry of precious resins, rare woods and delicate flowers are masterfully woven to create 6 provocative scents inspired by travels to century’s old European cathedrals. Wear Blessed and be blessed, every day.

Glitz Body & Clothing Shimmer Spritz

Prepare to sparkle like the stars with the cosmetic shimmer that takes you from dull to dazzling in an instant - the truly unique, Glitz shimmer spritz. Simply shake the bottle, watch it swirl, then spritz and Glitz any area that needs an extra touch of glamour for a mesmerizing effect. Infused with a subtle white floral fragrance, Glitz has a color for every mood and occasion in 19 eye-catching shades.


Flash! Flash! Beware the glare of the paparazzi's lens as you jet-set around the globe with Glitz Glitterati, the hottest shimmer accessory for those in the know. Fluff and brush the soft as mink feathers over body, hair and clothing for a dazzling effect from the yacht deck to the discotheque. You'll elevate to celebrity status and surely be noticed with Glitz Glitterati - Now you've arrived.

Private Label

Allow Soular Therapy to create an exclusive product for your home or next special event. Our team has developed and designed fragrances for private residences, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other momentous occasions. Impress your friends and family with a personalized fragrance that will distinguish you from the rest.